1. Quantum Computing Is Coming, Bit by Qubit

A bolt from the maybe-future struck the technology community in late September. A paper by Google computer scientists appeared on a NASA website, claiming that an innovative new machine called a quantum computer had demonstrated “quantum supremacy.”

Author: Dennis Overbye

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2. Google achieves state-of-the-art NLP performance with an enormous language model and data set

Transfer learning, or a technique that entails pretraining an AI model on a data-rich task before fine-tuning it on another task, has been successfully applied in domains from robotics to object classification.

Author: Kyle Wiggers

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3. Unilever saves on recruiters by using AI to assess job interviews

Unilever has claimed it is saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year by replacing human recruiters with an artificial intelligence system, amid warnings of a populist backlash against the spread of machine learning.

Author: Robert Booth

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4. Facebook trained AI to fool facial recognition systems, and it works on live video

Facebook remains embroiled in a multibillion-dollar judgement lawsuit over its facial recognition practices, but that hasn’t stopped its artificial intelligence research division from developing technology to combat the very misdeeds of which the company is accused.

Author: Nick Statt

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5. Facebook AI can ‘hide’ people from facial recognition

Facebook has already stopped using facial recognition by default, but now it might have a way for people to dodge facial recognition altogether. Its researchers have developed an AI system that can “de-identify” people in real time, including live videos.

Author: Jon Fingas

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6. Hiring platform Fountain raises $23 million to double down on automation

Fountain occupies a large niche. The company, which just announced a $23 million funding round, provides a job recruiting and onboarding platform for gig, part-time, and hourly workers. Hiring these kinds of workers presents a different set of challenges from those faced by other job platforms, and Fountain is tapping into automation and machine learning to solve them.

Author: Seth Colaner

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7. Using AI to Eliminate Bias from Hiring

Like any new technology, artificial intelligence is capable of immensely good or bad outcomes. The public seems increasingly focused on the bad, especially when it comes to the potential for bias in AI. This concern is both well-founded and well-documented.

Author: Frida Polli

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8. IBM: AI will change every job and increase demand for creative skills

Artificial intelligence is likely to change how every job is performed, eliminating work related to repetitive tasks but increasing the need for creative thinkers, according to a new study. These findings are contained in a report released this week by the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab called “The Future of Work: How New Technologies Are Transforming Tasks.”

Author: Chris O’Brien

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9. Robots vs. Babysitters: Is Artificial Intelligence the Hot New Choice for Child Care?

Device-assisted child care is an almost century-old concept. The world’s first electronic baby monitor, the Bakelite Zenith Radio Nurse, went on sale in the late 1930s—a response, at least in part, to the moral panic following the kidnapping and subsequent murder of the Lindbergh baby.

Author: chris roberts

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10. Russian Firm Sells Autonomous Robot Clones of Real People

Russian startup Promobot is now selling autonomous robot clones of any real person. This is the key selling point of their robot called Robo-C as their website states: “Order a robot with the appearance of any person to your office or home.”According to a press statement released by the firm, android Robo-C is “a completely anthropomorphic machine. It copies human facial expressions: can move its eyes, eyebrows, lips and other “muscles”, and also keep the conversation going and answer questions.”

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