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Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles | Dec 6, 2019
Weekly Top 10

Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles | Dec 6, 2019

1. What Are Neural Networks?

Many of the biggest advances in AI are driven by artificial neural networks. Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are the connection of mathematical functions joined together in a format inspired by the neural networks found in the human brain.

Author: Daniel Nelson

Read More On: Unite.AI

2. This robot scientist has conducted 100,000 experiments in a year

Science is exciting in theory, but it can also be dreadfully dull. Some experiments require hundreds or thousands of repetitions or trials — an excellent opportunity to automate. That’s just what MIT scientists have done, creating a robot that performs a certain experiment, observes the results, and plans a follow-up… and has now done so 100,000 times in the year it’s been operating.

Read More On: TechCrunch

3. Is Data Science dying?

The people who have been in the industry for a long time can relate this. Many years ago the industry went crazy for a similar skill known as Business Analytics. Nowadays, the term Data Scientist is exploding on the internet and it is the modern job that seems very promising.

Read More On: Towards Data Science

4. Is Machine Learning Really AI Part 2

If AI is to be a useful term to help delineate different technologies and approaches from each other, then it has to be meaningful. A term that means everything to everyone means nothing to anyone.

Read More On: Forbes

5. Brexit voters more likely to live in areas at risk from rise of robots

Brexit supporters are more likely to live in areas most threatened by the economic impact of automation, according to a study of the impact of robots and artificial intelligence in the workplace.

Author: Phillip Inman

Read More On: The Guardian

6. AI Is Not Similar To Human Intelligence. Thinking So Could Be Dangerous

It’s easy to anthropomorphize artificial intelligence. We imagine befriending Siri, or that our self-driving car has our best interests at heart. When we paint a picture of an advanced AI, we might imagine machines that “learn”, similar to the ways a toddler might learn.

Read More On: Forbes

7. Artificial Intelligence Is Watching Us and Judging Us

Don’t look now, but artificial intelligence is watching you. Artificial intelligence has tremendous power to enhance spying, and both authoritarian governments and democracies are adopting the technology as a tool of political and social control.

Author: will knight

Read More On: Wired

8. Google details AI that classifies chest X-rays with human-level accuracy

Analyzing chest X-ray images with machine learning algorithms is easier said than done. That’s because typically, the clinical labels required to train those algorithms are obtained with rule-based natural language processing or human annotation, both of which tend to introduce inconsistencies and errors.

Author: Kyle Wiggers

Read More On: VentureBeat

9. Why the US should join China in future-proofing AI technology

Both countries are leaders in artificial intelligence but neither can monopolise what is essentially a collaborative scientific effort. Far better to cooperate on creating a safe global regulatory environment and ensure AI benefits humanity.

Read More On: South China Morning Post

10. MIT creates an AI that understands the laws of physics intuitively

We often think of artificial intelligence as a tool for automating certain tasks. But it turns out that the technology could also help give us a better understanding of ourselves. At least that’s what a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) think they’ll be able to do with their new AI model.

Author: Igor Bonifcaci

Read More On: Engadget


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