Researchers said the profiles, linked to the Epoch Media Group, used photos generated by artificial intelligence in a preview of an “eerie, tech-enabled future of disinformation.” Facebook said on Friday that it had removed hundreds of accounts with ties to the Epoch Media Group, the parent company of the Falun Gong-related publication, and conservative news outlet The Epoch Times Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles


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2. Robert Downey Jr launches YouTube doc featuring AI baby

The documentary – produced by the actor in partnership with his wife Susan – is one of the platform’s highest-profile and biggest-budgeted factual commissions to date. The Avengers star is expected to give the Age of AI mass appeal. One AI expert said there was “lots of eye candy for viewers with short attention spans”.

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3. AI Will Transform The Field Of Law

The law touches every corner of the business world. Virtually everything that companies do sales, purchases, partnerships, mergers, reorganizations—they do via legally enforceable contracts. Innovation would grind to a halt without a well-developed body of intellectual property law. Day to day, whether we recognize it or not, each of us operates against the backdrop of our legal regime and the implicit possibility of litigation.

Author: Rob Toews

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4. Why video games and board games aren’t a good measure of AI intelligence

Measuring the intelligence of AI is one of the trickiest but most important questions in the field of computer science. If you can’t understand whether the machine you’ve built is cleverer today than it was yesterday, how do you know you’re making progress?

Author: James Vincent

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5. Ripple raises $200 million to improve global payments

Ripple has raised a $200 million Series C funding round. Tetragon is leading the round, with SBI Holdings and Route 66 Ventures also participating. According to Fortune, the company is now valued at $10 billion. “We are in a strong financial position to execute against our vision. As others in the blockchain space have slowed their growth or even shut down, we have accelerated our momentum and industry leadership throughout 2019,” Ripple  CEO Brad Garlinghouse said in the announcement.

Author: Romain Dillet

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6. Alibaba Patents Would Secure, Accelerate Its Consortium Blockchain

One patent aims to reduce the time to verify block data, while the other is designed to help participants set a validity period for a transaction in a blockchain network. Both of the patents were approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) this week. The approvals come at a time with Ant Financial, the fintech arm of Alibaba, announced the launch of its Ant Open Blockchain Alliance, a consortium that aims to finance small and medium-sized businesses on its blockchain-based platform.

Author: David Pan

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7. Why Cognitive Technology May Be A Better Term Than Artificial Intelligence

One of the challenges for those tracking the artificial intelligence industry is that, surprisingly, there’s no accepted, standard definition of what artificial intelligence really is. AI luminaries all have slightly different definitions of what AI is.

Author: Kathleen Walch

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8. Is China Beating America to AI Supremacy?

Beijing is not just trying to master artificial intelligence—it is succeeding. AI will have as transformative an impact on commerce and national security over the next two decades as semiconductors, computers and the web have had over the past quarter-century.

Author: Graham Allison

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9. By 2025 Nearly 5% of China’s Workforce Will Be Replaced by Robots, Reveals New Survey

A new survey by the Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy is revealing that in the next five years, machinery and robotics are set to take over nearly5% of China’s workers. The report surveyed nearly 2,000 companies in China.

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10. Facebook Removes Accounts With AI-Generated Profile Photos

The network used fake accounts, artificial amplification, and, notably, profile photos of fake faces generated using artificial intelligence Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles

Author: paris martineau

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