1. Here are 10 ways AI could help fight climate change

Some of the biggest names in AI research have laid out a road map suggesting how machine learning can help save our planet and humanity from imminent peril.

Author: Karen Hao

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2. New AI programming language goes beyond deep learning

A team of MIT researchers is making it easier for novices to get their feet wet with artificial intelligence, while also helping experts advance the field.

Author: Rob Matheson

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3. The first AI capable of simulating the universe works so well it’s scary

A team of researchers recently pioneered the world’s first AI universe simulator. It’s fast; it’s accurate; and its creators are baffled by its ability to understand things about the cosmos that it shouldn’t.

Author: Tristan Greene

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4. What do we do about deepfake video?

There exist, on the internet, any number of videos that show people doing things they never did. Real people, real faces, close to photorealistic footage; entirely unreal events.

Author: Tom Chivers

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5. AI learns to gamble illogically like humans to predict our behaviour

AIs are becoming irrational gamblers. Artificial intelligence trained on human-made gambling decisions has picked up our illogical habits, but that could help machines better predict human behaviour.

Author: Edd Gent

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6. The evolution of cognitive architecture will deliver human-like AI

There’s no one right way to build a robot, just as there’s no singular means of imparting it with intelligence.

Author: Andrew Tarantola

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7. iRobot acquires education startup Root Robotics

In a bid to expand its educational offerings, iRobot has acquired local Massachusetts-based startup, Root Robotics. The company is the creator of the eponymous coding robot, a two-wheeled device designed to draw on whiteboards and other surfaces, scanning colors, playing music and otherwise playing out coding instructions.

Author: Brian Heater

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8. Facebook Unleashes Software To Make Programming Robots Easy

ANYONE WHO TELLS you the robot apocalypse is upon us that the machines will not stop stealing our jobs, that they are gearing up to chase us through the streets while doing backflips and fighting off stick-wielding humans—has never tried to program a robot.

Author: Matt Simon

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9. New AI Generates Infinite Horrible Marketing Sites

A new website illustrates just how good artificial intelligence has gotten at churning out almost-coherent passages of text.

“This Marketing Blog Doesn’t Exist” recreates that particular species of bland PR website, complete with 900-word articles about things like “ROI scales” and “synchronicity” crapped out by AI tools that have learned to mimic online content.

Author: Dan Robitzski

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10. Alexa Gone Bad: When A.I. Assistants Turn On Us

NOW THAT the “Smart Home of the Future” is finally here, we can shout at A.I. assistants like Amazon’s Alexa to start manipulating our fancy TVs, lamps and coffee makers—then shout at them again when, as so often happens, they fail us. It’s no wonder sci-fi books and movies often assume robots will turn on humanity.

Author: Matthew Kitchen

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