1. Elon Musk announced he’s hosting a “super fun AI party” hackathon at his house next month

Elon Musk will be opening his home to coders and engineers next month in an apparent bid to attract AI talent to help push forward Tesla’s autonomous driving ambitions. The tech billionaire tweeted on Sunday announcing himself and Tesla’s AI and autopilot division would be throwing a “super fun AI party/hackathon” at his house in four weeks’ time Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles

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2. Google admits it sent private videos in Google Photos to strangers

Google is alerting some users of its Google Photos service that they’ve had their private videos sent to strangers by the search giant. Google’s Takeout service, which lets people download their data, was affected by a “technical issue” between November 21st and November 25th last year. It resulted in a small number of users receiving private videos that didn’t belong to them.

Author: Tom Warren

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3. China Is The New Leader Of AI Venture Capital Investment

It might come as a surprising fact that there are presently 14 Chinese AI organizations valued at $1 billion. These unicorns worth consolidated come to $40.5 billion, as per a report China Money Network released during the World Economic Forum’s Summer Davos gathering in Beijing.

Author: Priya Dialani

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4. When the walls can talk – space is the next frontier in personalization

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”. Soon, however, that wisdom will not come from watches and rings that we wrap on our bodies, but the very walls and spaces we inhabit. Previously, information such as heart rate, emotional state, and cognitive and physical stress was collected by wearable devices – now we are able to measure them via sensors in the space itself.

Author: Poppy Crum

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5. Victoria to use AI to detect heart attacks on emergency calls

Triple zero call operators could soon have artificial intelligence (AI) alert them to callers who suffer from a heart attack. The Victorian government announced on Sunday it was kicking in AU$1.36 million towards the Artificial Intelligence in Cardiac Arrest project, which will be developed by Monash University and Ambulance Victoria.

Author: Chris Dobespierre

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6. Just how big a deal is Google’s new Meena chatbot model?

Technology behemoths like Google and Facebook have got us used to, even fatigued by, their never-ending string of impressive announcements of progress in the AI field. Nevertheless, when Google announced that it has built a “conversational agent that can chat about… anything,” even the most jaded amongst us had to pay attention.

Author: Ronald Ashri

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7. Goldman Sachs and Amazon may soon be in the banking business

Goldman Sachs is becoming an ally for Big Tech companies looking to widen their financial footprint. The 151-year-old bank is in advanced talks with Amazon to offer small business loans in the US, according to the Financial Times (paywall). Goldman Sachs is reportedly developing technology to provide lending through Amazon’s lending platform, potentially reaching thousands of enterprises that sell through the e-commerce giant.

Author: John Detrixhe

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8. MasterCard CEO on Facebook’s Libra: ‘I don’t understand how that works

MasterCard chief exec Ajay Banga has lambasted Facebook‘s digital currency Libra, citing the social media giant’s apparently shaky attitude towards compliance for his company’s departure from the project back in October. In an interview with Financial Times, Banga noted he believed that key members of the Libra Association weren’t fully committed to “not do anything that is not fully compliant with local law,” particularly in relation to anti-money laundering and data management concerns.

Author: David Canellis

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9. the 2020s: The decade artificial intelligence will dominate

Isaac Asimov, a roboticist and science fiction writer, predicted in his novel I, Robot in 1950 that robots and artificial intelligence were going to be banned from Earth in the year 2030. Instead, we are seeing huge advances in AI and this is likely to continue within the next decade

Author: Asheesh Mehra

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10. Netflix begins streaming data-saving AV1 videos on Android

Netflix is rolling out support for the new AV1 video codec in its Android app, which the company claims compresses video 20 percent more efficiently than the VP9 codec it currently uses. The company says the codec can be enabled now for “selected titles” by enabling the “Save Data” option, although it doesn’t detail exactly which titles are supported Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles

Author: Jon. porter

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