1. Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant For Data Science And Machine Learning Platforms Has Many Surprises

Enterprise decision-makers look up to Gartner for its recommendations on enterprise software stack. The magic quadrant report is one of the most credible, genuine, and authoritative research from Gartner. Since it influences the buying decision of enterprises, vendors strive to get a place in the report. Gartner recently published its magic quadrant report on data science and machine learning (DSML) platforms Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles

Author: Janakiram MSV

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2. Google used AI and human moderation to take down over 75 million Google Maps reviews

Hundreds of millions of people contribute over 20 million reviews, ratings, and other pieces of content to Google Maps’ over 200 million points of interest daily — it’s how the platform continues to grow so rapidly. But user contributions are intrinsically fraught. That’s why increasingly, Google is using AI and machine learning to spot malicious contributions at submission time, ensuring they don’t reach the over 1 billion users who regularly use Maps.

Author: Kyle Wiggers

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3. Levels And Limits Of AI

I recently spoke with the innovation team of a Fortune 50 company about their 2020 initiatives, one of which was artificial intelligence. When I asked what specifically they want to use AI for, an executive replied, “Everything.” I pushed a little more asking, “Are there any specific problems that you’re seeking AI vendors for?” The reply was something like “We want to use AI in all of our financial services groups.”

Author: Konstantine Buhler

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4. Scientists build robot snake that could help in disaster response

A robot snake has been developed by scientists in the race to advance the abilities of search and rescue machines. It is hoped that the robots may someday help to explore inaccessible terrain, such as rubble after an earthquake. Scientists observed how snakes moved and used this information to make a robot that can climb large steps in a nimble and stable fashion.

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5. Why Amazon knows so much about you

You might call me an Amazon super-user. I’ve been a customer since 1999, and rely on it for everything from grass seed to birthday gifts. There are Echo speakers dotted throughout my home, Ring cameras inside and out, a Fire TV set-top box in the living room, and an aging Kindle e-reader by my bedside. I submitted a data subject access request, asking Amazon to disclose everything it knows about me. Scanning through the hundreds of files I received in response, the level of detail is, in some cases, mind-bending.

Author: Leo Kelion

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6. Hackers can trick a Tesla into accelerating by 50 miles per hour

Hackers have manipulated multiple Tesla cars into speeding up by 50 miles per hour. The researchers fooled the car’s Mobileye EyeQ3 camera system by subtly altering a speed limit sign on the side of a road in a way that a person driving by would almost never notice.

Author: Patrick Howell O’Neill

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7. YouTube Gaming’s Most-Watched Videos Are Dominated by Scams and Cheats

YouTube Gaming has been clawing its way into streaming platform Twitch’s market share for months. But new data retrieved by WIRED suggests that YouTube Gaming also has a serious problem with scammers and cheat-makers—and lots and lots of bots. In January, all seven of the most-watched YouTube Gaming channels weren’t run by happy gamers live streaming the game du jour.

Author: Cecilia D’Anastasio

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8. Small Data Can Play a Big Role in AI

More than three-quarters of large companies today have a “data-hungry” AI initiative underway — projects involving neural networks or deep-learning systems trained on huge repositories of data. Yet, many of the most valuable data sets in organizations are quite small: Think of kilobytes or megabytes rather than exabytes.

Author: H. James Wilson

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9. Artificial Human Beings: The Amazing Examples Of Robotic Humanoids And Digital Humans

As artificial intelligence continues to mature, we are seeing a corresponding growth in sophistication for humanoid robots and the applications for digital human beings in many aspects of modern-day life. To help you see the possibilities, we have pulled together some of the best examples of humanoid robots and where you might see digital humans in your everyday life today Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles

Author: Bernard Marr

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10. With the development of generalized AI, what’s the meaning of a person?

Next installment of the informal TechCrunch book club, we are reading the fourth story in Ted Chiang’s Exhalation. The goal of this book club is to expand our minds to new worlds, ideas, and vistas, and The Lifecycle of Software Objects doesn’t disappoint. Centered in a future world where virtual worlds and generalized AI have become commonplace, it’s a fantastic example of speculative fiction that forces us to confront all kinds of fundamental questions Weekly Top 10 Automation Articles

Author: Danny Crichton

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