This Week’s Top Automation Articles shares how the data brokerage industry is a threat to democracy and ready to sell citizen’s personal information. As our Financial lives are rapidly moving towards digitization, the podcast discusses how we pay for things. Moreover, Analytics Insight will throw a light on how Twitter will assess racial and gender bias through its new initiative called Responsible Machine Learning and how blockchain technology will improve global funds transfer.

There is much more Explore. So, let’s dive into Automation World!

10) Data Brokers Are a Threat to Democracy

Unless the federal government steps up, the unchecked middlemen of surveillance capitalism will continue to harm our civil rights and national security.


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Author: Justin Sherman

9) Podcast: What’s AI doing in your wallet?

Tech giants are moving into our wallets—bringing AI and big questions with them.

AI Podcast

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Author: Anthony Green

8) Why Is Twitter Analysing Its Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Suddenly?

Twitter is assessing its artificial intelligence/machine learning systems to assess racial and gender bias. In that attempt, Twitter is starting a new initiative called Responsible Machine Learning.

twitter Analyzing

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Author: Apoorva Komarraju

7) JP Morgan uses blockchain to improve global transfers

JP Morgan is working with a group of Taiwan banks to test the use of blockchain technology to improve global funds transfers.


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6) What credit unions need to know about robotic process automation

Credit unions are always on the lookout for improvements that will help them to increase productivity, lower operating costs, and, most importantly, enhance the level of service they offer to members. Perhaps that explains why robotic process automation (RPA) has caught on with so many institutions around the country.


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Author: Dan Shimmerman

5) EU to consider a ban on using A.I. for mass surveillance and social credit scores

LONDON — Using artificial intelligence software for mass surveillance and ranking social behavior could soon be outlawed in Europe, according to draft legislation that has been shared online.


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Author: Sam Shead

4) Automation will accelerate decentralization and digital transformation

As societies reemerge from lockdown, customer and employee experiences will become a digital/in-person hybrid largely enabled by workflow automation. Given their proximity to changing customer needs, service teams provide a window into how workflow automation can unlock transformation across the business.

customer interaction

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Author: Vala Afshar

3) Life Inside The Self-Optimizing AI Automated Company

Business is becoming increasingly automated. Not just in terms of software chatbots designed to deal with customer queries online, but at a lower substrate level where the real operational mechanics of the business happen on a day-to-day basis.

Automated Company

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Author: Adrian Bridgwater

2) Deepfakes and digital avatars: the new celebrity brand ambassadors

Deepfakes often get bad press, but they hold a largely untapped upside for creators, especially brands that use celebrities in their advertising.

deep fake

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Author:  James Murray

1) No-code A.I. is coming. Is your company ready?

The number of “no code” A.I. platforms, software that allows people without specialized skills to build algorithms, is proliferating rapidly.

no code AI

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Author: Jeremy Kahn