1. A new tool uses AI to spot text written by AI

AI algorithms can generate text convincing enough to fool the average human—potentially providing a way to mass-produce fake news, bogus reviews, and phony social accounts. Thankfully, AI can now be used to identify fake text, too.

Author: Will Knight

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2. Artificial Intelligence Can Now Create Perfumes, Even Without A Sense Of Smell

Isn’t a sense of smell a critical part of creating perfume? While it’s not unimportant, a lot of the groundwork when developing a new fragrance is done by evaluating data, and that’s something artificial intelligence is highly qualified to do.

Author: Bernard Marr

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3. The robot revolution is here. Prepare for workers to revolt

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4. AI ‘Emotion Recognition’ Can’t Be Trusted

 artificial intelligence is used to make more decisions about our lives, engineers have sought out ways to make it more emotionally intelligent. That means automating some of the emotional tasks that come naturally to humans — most notably, looking at a person’s face and knowing how they feel.

Author: James Vincent

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5. Microsoft Bets $1 Billion On The Holy Grail Of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Microsoft is back to its winning ways. And with its surging profits, the company is looking for ways to marshal its enormous resources to keep up the momentum. Perhaps one of the most important recent deals is a $1 billion investment in OpenAI.

Author: Tom Taulli

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6. A New Deep-Sea Robot Can Shape-Shift Into An Autonomus Submarine

A new autonomous robot called Aquanaut may be the closest thing we have to a real-life Transformer. The robot can shape-shift between a mermaid-like humanoid form and a submarine form, according toIEEE Spectrum.

Author: Dan Robitzski

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7. Instead of practicing, this AI mastered chess by reading about it

Chess fans love nothing more than discussing a masterful sacrifice by Bobby Fischer or an ingenious line of attack from current world champion Magnus Carlsen. It turns out that this chatter could help AI programs learn to play the game in a new way.

Author: Will Knight

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8. AI now can spot fake news generated by AI

Researchers at Harvard University and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab have created a tool to help combat the spread of misinformation. The tool, called GLTR (for Giant Language Model Test Room), uses artificial intelligence to detect the very statistical text patterns that give AI away, according to the team’s June report.

Author: Shelby Brown

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9. No coding required: Companies make it easier than ever for scientists to use artificial intelligence

Yang-Hui He, a mathematical physicist at the University of London, is an expert in string theory, one of the most abstruse areas of physics. But when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, he was naïve. “What is this thing everyone is talking about?” he recalls thinking.

Author: Matthew Hutson

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