The new open-source IBM Cloud-Native Toolkit is the focus of this week’s automation tales. This solution is for individuals who want to integrate and execute AI and machine learning technologies in cloud environments. Codex, a deep learning model that generates software source code, has been revealed by OpenAI. One of the most compelling reasons to adopt a public workspace is to improve developer onboarding by shortening the time to first call (TTFC), the most essential measure for a public API.

While Elon Musk’s brain-chip company messes around with gaming monkeys, another group of researchers has achieved a major milestone in neuroprosthetics: allowing a man who can’t talk to form sentences with his mind. Furthermore, in order to flourish in the digital economy, businesses must regard data as an asset and unlock its potential. This push has resulted in headlines like “data is the new oil,” which are technically correct but greatly oversimplify the resource itself.

There is so much to explore. So, let’s dive into the automation world!

10) IBM unveils first machine-learning end-to-end pipeline starter kit

IBM is announcing a new addition to its open-source Cloud-Native Toolkit that will allow developers to integrate their AI and ML applications “to cloud-native environments and optimize scalable, reliable deployments.”


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Author: Jonathan Greig

9) OpenAI Codex shows the limits of large language models

In a new paper, researchers at OpenAI have revealed details about Codex, a deep learning model that generates software source code. Codex powers Copilot, an “AI pair programmer” tool developed jointly by OpenAI and GitHub.


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8) The most important API metric is time to first call

The most important API metric is the time to first call, According to TechCrunch PI publishers among Postman’s community of quite 15 million are working toward more seamless and integrated developer experiences for his or her APIs.

The most important API metric is time to first call

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7) Cognitive banking is creating the banking experience of the future

Digital transformation has gone from a buzzword to an essential strategy for banks and financial institutions over the course of the pandemic — a surprising silver lining in a tough time.


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6) In scientific first, brain implant turns paralyzed man’s thoughts into ‘speech’

While Elon Musk’s brain-chip startup screws around with gamer monkeys, another team of scientists has reached a true milestone in neuroprosthetics: enabling a man who can’t speak to generate sentences with his mind.


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Author: Thomas Macaulay

5) How Google used machine learning to dramatically improve chip design

Despite the hype, there’s a lot that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can’t do. Consider the delay Tesla has had rolling out “full self-driving” version 9.


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4) Is our machine learning? Ars takes a dip into artificial intelligence

Every day, some little piece of logic constructed by very specific bits of artificial intelligence technology makes decisions that affect how you experience the world.


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3) How Machine Learning reduces data time processing

As machine learning has advanced throughout time, a multitude of sectors has utilized it to innovate and streamline corporate processes. AI and machine learning have been used to improve client experiences in a variety of industries


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Author:  Srikanth

2) How companies can use AI to get ahead of the competition

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) provides companies with a unique and enduring competitive advantage, witnessed by the fact that AI-first companies are the world’s only trillion-dollar companies.


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Author: Frank Dillon

1) Unlocking Value With Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

To succeed in the digital economy, organizations need to view their data as an asset and unlock its value. This drive has led to ‘data is the new oil’ headlines that are conceptually true, but vastly oversimplify the resource itself.


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