This Week Top Automation articles highlight how AI could fake the images and has the potential to spread disinformation on the internet. The first-ever virtual athletic event series is now taking place during the Olympics. Moreover, Digital customer experience transformation has taken center stage in our lives whether personal or professional.

Microsoft will use deep learning to generate source code for office applications. As Elon Musk Repeatedly violated the court policies, his Twitter tweets will now first approved by company lawyers. There is much more to explore!

Lets’ dive into Automation World!

10) Deepfake Maps Could Really Mess With Your Sense of the World

Researchers applied AI techniques to make portions of Seattle look more like Beijing. Such imagery could mislead governments or spread misinformation online.

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Author: Will Knight

9) The Olympics’ vision of gaming looks very different from the biggest esports

The Olympics is currently hosting its first-ever virtual sporting event series, the Olympic Virtual Series, where competitors can play in virtual versions of five different physical sports: motorsport, cycling, baseball, sailing, and rowing.

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8) How To Deploy Digital Customer Experience Transformation In Business?

The world we live in today is digital in the truest of senses. Over time, this Digital customer experience transformation has taken center stage in our lives whether it’s the person or the professional relationships that we create along the way.

Digital Customer Experience Transformation

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7) Tesla Failed to Oversee Elon Musk’s Tweets, SEC Argued in Letters

Securities regulators told Tesla Inc. last year that Chief Executive Elon Musk’s use of Twitter had twice violated a court-ordered policy requiring his tweets to be preapproved by company lawyers, according to records obtained by WSJ.

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Author: Dave Michaels & Rebecca Elliott

6) Microsoft, GPT-3, and the future of OpenAI

One of the biggest highlights of Build, Microsoft’s annual software development conference, was the presentation of a tool that uses deep learning to generate source code for office applications.

venture beat

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Author: Ben Dickson

5) Coinbase Debit Card Now Works With Apple Pay

Additionally, Coinbase said in a blog post it will begin offering cash-back spending reward features to waitlisters this week. The card is available across the U.S. (with the exception of Hawaii); a variation rolled out in European markets in 2019.

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Author: Danny Nelson

4) Nvidia wants to help businesses get up to speed on AI

Nvidia wants to help businesses get up to speed on Artificial Intelligence (AI) fast. To make it happen, it is sharing an internally developed cloud hub with the world.

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3) SpaceX will launch four private astronaut missions to the Space Station through 2023

SpaceX is going to be providing more rides to the International Space Station for private astronauts, on top of the previously announced mission set to take place as early as next January.


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Author: Darrell Etherington

2) What Artificial Intelligence Still Can’t Do

Modern artificial intelligence is capable of wonders.

It can produce breathtaking original content: poetryproseimagesmusichuman faces. It can diagnose some medical conditions more accurately than a human physician.


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Author: Rob Toews

1) The potential of artificial intelligence to bring equity in health care

Nearly 1,400 joined the AI for Health Care Equity Conference that explored new AI technologies as a platform for change.

AI Health Care Equity

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