This Week’s Automation Articles highlights Google’s new privacy features for consumers to have more power over personal data. Also, Google I/O 2021 keynote event shared a number of announcements about Google Products and with whom they are merging.

According to the PWC AI Predictions Report, AI will be a game-changer, contributing up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Moreover, Business intelligence is made possible by artificial intelligence, but integrating AI into your current BI system isn’t easy.

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10) ‘Privacy by design’: Google to give people more power over their personal data

New privacy controls include allowing people to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of their search history and more reminders about location tracking.

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Author: Josh Taylor

9) When AI meets BI: 5 red flags to watch for

If there is a Holy Grail to business success in 2021, it most certainly has something to do with the power of data. And if business intelligence wasn’t already the answer to C-suite prayers for insight and vision derived from massive amounts of data, then artificial intelligence would be.

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Author: Igor Ikonnikov

8) Google I/O 2021: New Accouchements From Android 12 To Google Maps

The keynote for Google I/O 2021 was held in Mountain View, California, United States. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, and his team of executives were in charge of the event. People from all over the world participated in the event to receive a first look at upgrades to Google products, including new AI milestones, useful improvements in Android, Photos, and Maps, and ways google designing with security and privacy in mind.

Google IO 2021

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7) Blockchains Were Supposed to Be “Unhackable.” Now They’re Getting Hacked

Until recently, blockchains were seen as an “unhackable” technology powering and securing cryptocurrencies — but that’s no longer the case. Hackers have gotten away with nearly $2 billion worth of cryptocurrency since 2017 by attacking the unique vulnerabilities of blockchains, MIT Technology Review reports.

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6) AI Is A Game Changer: PWC AI Predictions Report

AI is a major game-changer. AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030, more than the current output of China and India combined. Of this, $6.6 trillion is likely to come from increased productivity and $9.1 trillion is likely to come from consumption side effects.

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Author: Cindy Gordon

5) Ransomware’s Dangerous New Trick Is Double-Encrypting Your Data

RANSOMWARE GROUPS HAVE always taken a more-is-more approach. If a victim pays a ransom and then goes back to business as usual—hit them again. Or don’t just encrypt a target’s systems; steal their data first, so you can threaten to leak it if they don’t pay up. The latest escalation? Ransomware hackers encrypt a victim’s data twice at the same time.

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4) Language models like GPT-3 could herald a new type of search engine

The way we search online hasn’t changed in decades. A new idea from Google researchers could make it more like talking to a human expert.

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Author: Will Douglas Heaven  

3) Artificial Intelligence And Automation’s Paradox: More Human Talent Needed To Reduce Need For Human Talent

The purpose of automation is to reduce the amount of human effort needed to do a task. But we need more human effort than ever to build and maintain those automated systems.

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Author: Joe McKendrick

2) Artificial Intelligence Translates Mental Handwriting into Text

An artificial intelligence software paired with a brain-computer interface decodes neural signals to convert mental handwriting to text, enabling communication for patients with spinal cord injuries, strokes, and other conditions.

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Author: Jill McKeon


In the modern age of digitalization, the world is always more than eager to welcome new technologies that offer people unprecedented advantages that make modern life a tad bit easier.

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