This Week’s Top Automation Articles highlights how the film industry is sticking to big tech and using data for the content and animations. Google is using an Artificial intelligence tool to block around 90% of Spam mails. Moreover, how a speed-writing automation service tool raised $3.3M in funds?

Artificial Intelligence is surrounding us and things we often take for granted truly rely upon AI. There is much more to explore!

Let’s dive into the Automation World!

10) The Mitchells vs the Machines, AI, and Netflix: have the robots taken over cinema?

A new film warning of the dangers of tech consumption appears on a streaming service that uses our data to feed us more content. Surely it’s too late to save ourselves?


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Author: Steve Rose

9) Google Announces it Uses Spam Fighting AI

Google announced the introduction of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help fight against a range of spam. Internal estimate calculates that the AI has the ability to block 99% of spam.

google ai fights spam

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Author: Roger Montti

8) Text Blaze raises $3.3M for its speed-writing automation service

Text Blaze, which was a part of the recent Winter 2021 Y Combinator accelerator batch, announced that it has closed a $3.3 million seed round. The company’s investment was led by Two Sigma Ventures’ Villi Iltchev and Susa Ventures’s Leo Polovets.

Waves of sheets of paper that mimic fire

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Author: Alex Wilhelm

7) 10 surprising things that rely on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed many aspects of our lives for the better. It even played a role in developing vaccines against COVID-19. But you may be surprised just how many things we take for granted that rely on AI.

Artificial intelligence

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Author: Douglas Broom

6) The hidden work created by artificial intelligence programs

As AI programs become more prevalent, researchers say that companies need to prioritize behind-the-scenes workers and those affected by the programs.

ai flashlights

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Author: Sara Brown

5) Microsoft open-sources Counterfit, an AI security risk assessment tool

Microsoft today open-sourced Counterfit, a tool designed to help developers test the security of AI and machine learning systems. The company says that Counterfit can enable organizations to conduct assessments to ensure that the algorithms used in their businesses are robust, reliable, and trustworthy.


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4) How politicians manipulate the masses with simple AI

facial expressions

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Author: Tristan Greene

3) Fighting algorithmic bias in artificial intelligence

Physicists are increasingly developing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to advance our understanding of the physical world but there is a rising concern about the bias in such systems and their wider impact on society at large.

ai fighting algorithm

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2) Digital Transformation: Can Universal Automation Offer Industry A Renewed Sense Of Purpose?

Over 70% of employees admit their sense of purpose is defined by their work. Yet when it comes to industrial engineers – central to our ability as a society to unlock sustainable development – up to 50% of their time and effort can go into wrestling with legacy or vendor locked-in manufacturing and production equipment.

industrial technology

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Author: Mike Hughes

1) MTN Looks to Finalize Plan to Separate Fintech by Early 2022

MTN Group Ltd. is making progress toward separating the company’s financial-technology business and dispose of South African towers as the continent’s largest wireless carrier works on slimming down.


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Author: Loni Prinsloo