1. Planes, trains, and automobiles all wrapped into one epic hybrid


Source: Mashable

2. Preparing for a job interview? Employers are increasingly looking for skills like communication, time management, and creativity


Source: Bloomberg Tic Toc

3. This ‘helicopter’ could be the future of air travel


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4. 3D-printed data visualizations look incredible


Source: Seeker

5. The door handle of the future is here


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6. This device allows you to swap out wall art images in seconds.


Source: Interesting Engineering

7. This classroom was built with bricks made from plastic waste


Source: Now This

8. Most major cities worldwide could soon be underwater


Source: Business Insider

9. This tiny robotic spider might one day perform surgeries inside your body


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10. This pneumatic manipulator arm requires no electricity to lift and place the heaviest of objects.


Source: Interesting Engineering