1. This wireless charger senses your phone and clamps it in place.


Source : Digital Trends

2. This drone helps farmers manage acres and acres of farmland


Source: Interesting Engineering

3. This smart window gives you great views and privacy.


Source: Digital Trends

4. This bike drives on its own, demonstrating an AI chip that could help machines think for themselves


Source: Now This

5. This company created a better way of recycling plastic


Source: Tech Insider

6. This wheelchair was designed to climb stairs.


Source: Digital Trends

7. Ah, construction robots, efficient and calming to watch


Source: Mashable

8. This jet-pack hover-board is the real deal!


Source: Digital Trends

9. This unmanned underwater vehicle can transform from a submarine into a half-humanoid robot


Source: Seeker

10. One small step for that robot, one giant leap for automated deliveries


Source: Mashable