1. This robot is changing the way we clean


Source: Mashable

2. This micro-drone can lift 40x its weight.


Source: Seeker

3. This dual-screen laptop for gamers and creators is awesome!


Source: Digital Trends

4. This ‘breathing’ artificial skin made from algae might help people heal faster


Source: Now This

5. This device magnifies your phone to a mini TV size.


Source: Digital Trends

6. This couch turns into a bunk bed.


Source:  Digital Trends

7. Customizing clothes to your body is the future of fashion. Yes!


Source: Mashable

8. This solar-powered autonomous drone can fly continuously for a year.


Source: Seeker

9. Stanley Robotics created a robot valet


Source: Tech Insider

10. Tech for Change: This company is helping get rid of smog with its innovative machine the ‘Smog Sucker.’