DPAs (Digital Personal Assistants) are practically running our lives after 29 years since the first virtual assistant was launched even if you think you’re not using one. They have integrated into all of the mobile devices and control how we manage our day to day lives without us evening noticing. 

Amazon launched Alexa in 2014 and more than 100m of its Echo and Dot gadgets are installed in homes around the world today. In just five years, Alexa is topping the DPA market with 8.2 million users around the world and 61.1% of US market shares of smart speakers. Amazon is adding more and more features into Alexa, that is why it’s the most intelligent of all assistants in the market. 

Below we discuss the most important features Alexa provides that make our lives smart and us smarter. 

Best Home Security

Home security remains the most important subject even in this era of innovation and inventions. Amazon Alexa has recently got a number of features that make it the perfect home guard. 

Amazon has been working to make Alexa recognize more than just commands. Other than the sounds of glass breaking and smoke alarms going off, Amazon has added the ability to listen to human-related sounds as Guard is set to its “away” mode. These include the sounds of walking, crying, and closing doors when the home is supposed to be empty. When hearing one of these signals, Alexa will send an alert to a client.

The Talking Doorbell, or as Amazon likes to call it “Doorbell Concierge”, will shortly make its way into the market. It will be able to ask the visitors questions to know their intentions and helps them with their genuine work. 

More Humanly Conversations

Amazon says that it’s been working on using neural networks to make Alexa’s voice sound more human when it communicates or translates. This natural language modeling will very soon give Alexa a completely different set of voices. Amazon says it will sell Jackson-as-Alexa as an add-on service starting later this year.

Alexa is also being improved to listen to emotions too when talking. This will give it a more humanly feel and make it able to generate better answers to our queries as it can detect if we are satisfied with the answer or not. It will also improve the general user experience by holding understanding conversations.

A number of automated tasks

With more than 90,000 skills, Alexa is transforming your life in the best way imaginable. Other than the normal flight booking and dinner reservations, Alexa automates your tasks in a way that actually makes your daily life faster.

Alexa Routines is a feature appreciated the most by people and analysts. This gives you the authority to automate your daily life tasks without you needing to talk at all. Need a different alarm schedule for different days, just tell Alexa or want Alexa to check security locks after you wish goodnight, it is all ears! It also has the ability to tie multiple actions to a single command. Doesn’t this look like a world where not even speaking is required for tasks?


After this research and great inventions, we can safely say that Alexa has the greatest potential of becoming a humanoid robot. If it’s handling your life in the form of a tablet device, just imagine how easy your life will be when it is running around with you talking like a real human. And it obviously will be more intelligent than a human assistant because it’s still a machine incapable of feeling emotions or getting tired.