Having a digital presence is extremely important for every business in this current era. Without a website, mobile app, and social media profiles, your business can’t truly achieve the goals you aim for it. But what’s important than a digital performance, is analyzing your performance and benchmarking your short-term and long-term goals. The easiest way to do that is by measuring how much your website is popular among your users and stepping into the whole new world of Digital Business Transformation.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is one of the many tools available in the market to analyze the performance of your site. But like all other Google products, this is the most convenient and efficient tool you can use. Data Studio helps you to turn the data from your audience into appealing and insightful reports.

Google Data Studio Features

It is a great tool for monitoring KPIs that support business priorities and produce regular reports. Below are some of the features Google Data Studio has to offer:

  • Live Data Connectors
  • Calculated Metrics
  • Dynamic Controls
  • Easy Collaboration


Google Data Studio Benefits

Now, we’ll go through some of the major Google Data Studio benefits for your business website and making it a success.

Multiple Data Resources

Google Analytics is the go-to platform of many marketers when they want to benchmark their performance. However, Google Data Studio adds another layer of efficiency to the marketing process by providing you the ability to pull information from a variety of sources. Some of the data sources that Data Studio supports are:

  • AdWords
  • Attribution 360
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud SQL
  • DCM
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Sheets
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • YouTube Analytics

These data sources help you collect all the related data for your website so you can generate meaningful reports that will truly help you leverage your business.

Apart from this, the new data blending feature is added in the most recent update to Data Studio. This means you can blend data from different sources into one report. This was the most requested feature by the Data Studio community as it makes managing different data sources easier.

Customizable Interface

Data Studio allows you to create fully customizable dashboards. Switching between different screens can be cumbersome and reduce the speed of the whole process. Google Data Studio allows decision-makers to set the dashboard according to their preference making the process easy and flexible.

You can start with an empty template or use a pre-programmed template, whatever you choose, it provides you with the affordability to drag and drop widgets, charts, and data quickly to create a unique report. It also does not restrict the number of widgets you can use as with Analytics. To suit the brand of your company, you can also choose different colors, fonts, and formatting choices.

Easy Sharing and Collaboration

You may want to get the views of your team members, account managers, or business decision-makers when gathering or analyzing reports with so many data choices and metrics. Downloading and sending files is a time-consuming means of doing this, especially if you want quick feedback.

Realizing the problem, Google Data Studio provides you with the same sharing capabilities as their other tools, like Google Docs, into Data Studio. You can just set the access options and share the link, and that’s it! Your team members can easily view and customize your reports in real-time.

Dynamic Reporting

While editing can be done in real-time with your team, you can also enable Google Data Studio to pull data into your reports in real-time. You can also automatically set up your files to monitor and fill your widgets with data as soon as it gets available. You can choose to display current or old data easily with the click of a button.

These dynamic reports provide you with unlimited data options to support your business better. Furthermore, users can choose from advanced filtering options that allow the relevant data sets to be displayed at a glance.

Last but not least, Google Data Studio is available free of charge for Google account users and Google Cloud Platform customers. Start using it today to achieve your business milestones easily.