Microsoft is the market leader when it comes to providing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) solutions. Microsoft Azure is a project that has not only benefitted the company in terms of RO. Also, cover the business dynamics of organizations around the globe. In response, many companies are adopting Azure for their cloud and data products. Microsoft Azure AI was launched in 2018 and has emerged to be a success in the artificial intelligence services market too.

Microsoft Azure AI

It is a set of AI services built on Microsoft’s breakthrough innovation from decades of world-class research in vision, speech, language processing, and custom machine learning. Millions of programmers and data scientists worldwide are already using Azure AI. Firstly, to build their organizations’ advanced applications and machine learning models. Secondly, Business users can also directly leverage Azure AI’s strength in their business line of applications.

Today, we want to do an in-depth analysis of Microsoft Azure AI to see if it’s beneficial for you and your organization.

Experience And Quality

Microsoft Azure AI provides you with services that you can’t even think of getting anywhere else. And the reason behind that is simple – their background and maturity in the field. With Microsoft, you get years of market experience and reliable services that make their products the best in the world. It’s a simple analogy; you will always want to buy from the oldest and credible dealer. Microsoft Azure AI is the first AI platform to have achieved human equivalence in the three AI fields that everyone is working on:

  • object recognition
  • speech recognition
  • machine translation

Additionally, you get the same quality of services that are being provided by Microsoft’s products, including Office 365, Hololens, Xbox One, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Global Reach

The number of companies that can advantage from the increase of reach increases every day in this connected world. A significant advantage is being able to provide local-type speeds and connections to clients and associates wherever they are located, whether you are a large company to a small-town freelance developer. The Azure AI platform is accessible in 140 countries and has 54 regions around the globe. Wherever an enterprise needs access, an Azure server is ready to handle those requests. It offers the same global exposure to even the smallest company as the biggest companies. So if you are thinking of building an international business based on AI or plan to go global, Microsoft Azure AI is the one for you!

Security And Data Recovery

The biggest and most appreciated feature of Microsft Azure is the security it provides. They proudly claim to have the most number of certifications than any other cloud provider. This security is reflected in the AI services Azure has to offer. However, our world is exceptionally unpredictable and prone to disasters. Unexpected floods, failure of the power grid, fires, or worse can all take down a data center and all the data within it. Also, security and privacy go hand in hand with the number of customers a company can acquire as the data hacker become sophisticated.

Azure has solutions for data restoration in case of a disaster. Moreover, backups are just easy to replicate whether in real-time mirroring or taking a snapshot at sensitive points. Additionally, Azure allows various security options, including linking encryption and data encryption. Add in the identification of threats, DDoS defense, and integration with existing Active Directory sign-on, and security is much easier for your product.


Azure can offer a lot when it comes to building your AI product. It’s easy to set up, flexible according to every product. Also, scalable as you take your services to new heights. However, this is only the start. Microsoft is all geared up to improve its AI platform with integrations with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. You don’t want to miss this one because whatever the problem, there is always a solution with Microsoft Azure AI.

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