YouTube TV’s most recent updates increase the product’s audio and video quality. Today YouTube TV introduced a 4K Plus add-on package that includes offline downloads, 5.1 Dolby audio, and features that make watching live sports more convenient.

YouTube TV 4K Plus

The new 4K Plus subscription will cost $20 per month more for existing members, but new users can get a one-month free trial and pay only $10 per month for the first year. In addition to allowing users to watch certain programs in high quality, the 4K Plus add-on package also allows them to download episodes from their DVR to watch offline on mobile devices and gives them access to an unlimited number of streams at home in regular YouTube TV service.

The 5.1 Dolby audio capabilities will be a free upgrade for all YouTube TV subscribers, according to the company’s blog. They further wrote:

 “You can soon watch movies as if you were in the theater, and enhance your watch experience even more with surround-sound audio,”

The sports updates are also free of charge; for example, when viewing a DVR recording or trying to catch up live, viewers will be able to go to crucial plays and select highlight moments. Subscribers will be able to use augmented search features to find and record the sports they desire. In addition, a medal counter will show how each country is doing in Tokyo Olympics in real-time.

As Techcrunch reports, YouTube TV had 3 million subscribers as of October 2020 but did not offer an update for Q1 of 2021. As of March, Hulu had 4.1 million subscribers to its Live TV service, which will also air the Olympics. So, let’s wait for who wins the Olympic viewership race.